How it works

It’s up to you where Hazael Homes steps in and where we step back out; where some local contacts might work wonders and where time allows you to get stuck in yourself.

Step 1

Talk to us. Tell us what you want to achieve, your aspirations, your priorities, your budget. We’ll talk back – let’s get some ideas bubbling straightaway to get some impetus into your project.

Step 2

Inspiration. If you’re looking for a new home let’s get searching. We’ll trawl our contacts for what’s on and what might be coming to the market. We’ll take a tour of possibilities giving you the heads-up on the positives and the low-down on the negatives. (If you came to us by the IN BATH route jump to step 5)

Step 3

Assessment. You’ll know about the “feel” of a potential home but we’ll provide an assessment of potential for alteration or the suitability of a project for a profitable investment or development. And we’ll report on any planning issues that might restrict your ambitions.

Step 4

Purchase. Utilising our established connections we can point you towards surveyors and local solicitors. And, by polling our contacts in local agencies, we can confirm that you are buying at an advantageous price.

Step 5 

Get creative. We’ll put detail to the ideas for remodelling or renovation giving them the tangible foundations of accurate costings and timescales. We can organise estate agency valuations to attribute a value to proposed changes to confirm that they are viable. And we’ll line up the trades people, offer advice on choice and sourcing of materials and apply for any permissions.

Step 6

Manage. We can manage every single detail of your project right through to completion, commissioning and supervising a trusted network of suppliers and ensuring that the project runs to budget and time. 

Or we can be a sounding board when you need advice if you’re managing the project yourself.

Or we can simply be on stand-by in case something comes up which tears you away from the fun of being knee deep in plaster and paint.

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