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Improve don’t move

If you’ve decided that the cost and upheaval of moving is prohibitive it might be that some expert advice about what is possible within your budget is the key that opens up a new home within the one you already know.

At Hazael Homes we are realistic enough to recognise that not every home has the DNA to be style-magazine amazing. But we also know that every home has the potential to be more interesting, more practical and just a whole lot better for the lives we lead.

Our aim is to bring intuition, vision, creativity and practical know-how to realise the potential locked up in those spaces little-used day to day, those dark corners in need of some light, those dated layouts you inherited and that have never worked for you.

Remodelling, expansion or renovation, we listen to what’s needed, throw some ideas in the pot with your own and then manage the process to make your ambition for your home real. From handling planning and building regulations to commissioning trades people who get that mess-free working is what’s needed, we have the experience to minimise the disruption and the contacts to get the best price for the best result.

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