A Hazael Homes project with decorating by  Lucinda Mayberry

A Hazael Homes project with decorating by Lucinda Mayberry

Moving to Bath?

Understanding the whole Bath thing

There is no mystery in why you choose to put down roots in Bath. The puzzle is how to find and create that perfect niche to make Bath the very essence of home for you.

It’s not easy from a distance. Bath is not a large city but it is a diverse one where the options are not always obvious. Yes, Hazael Homes can bring scope and imagination to your property search but local knowledge is an invaluable resource on a multitude of levels from tip-offs about tour buses blaring past your potential drawing room to the nuances of planning regulations. 

Hazael Homes is a what’s possible? where to look? how to improve? what to pay? who can do? We’ll manage that: the definitive local source of informed advice, creative inspiration and solid, practical, get-things-done pragmatism. 

New home, renovation or development, we know that creating the heart in the home all comes from you and Hazael Homes aims to give you the creative, practical support to make your ambition real; the feet on the ground, the ear to the grapevine, the “have you thought of this?”, the contacts book, the on-budget, on-time taskmasters. All underpinned by being finely attuned to understanding Bath and the home you want to create here.

Your aspirations for your home write the agenda while we supply all the support to make every choice work, to make your home more interesting than you had dared hope for and to make sure you lose the stress and enjoy the process.

It’s a new home. We share your excitement.

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