What do Hazael Homes do?

At Hazael Homes we see our role as holding people’s hands through the process of making a home that is different and more amazing than anything they thought they could have achieved otherwise.

And we do it by being flexible. What makes a home is so personal and so individual that we wouldn’t dream of dictating a way to achieve it. If you want to have a chat, give us a brief then sit back and enjoy the show that’s fine. If you want us to generate ideas then leave you to get hands on yourself that’s fine too.

And apart from creativity, vision and a light touch we do it by bringing a depth of experience, Wikipedic local knowledge, an honest commentary on things Bath (where else can you get real stuff about that street, that house?), established trade and professional contacts, realistic costing and scheduling and rigorous project management.

We also do it by recognising how important it is that you enjoy the process from first glimmer of an idea through to first sip of celebratory fizz in the home that you’ve created.

We are passionate about home making and if we can support you in realising the home you wanted we’ll thank you for letting us achieve another success.

Take a look at How to see the way things might work.