Who is Hazael Homes?

The prime movers behind Hazael Homes are Oliver Hazael and Ruby Hazael who have been performing alchemy with faded properties for fifteen years the last ten of those years in Bath.

Oliver is a carpenter and cabinet maker with 22 years experience in the building trade who brings a craftsman’s appreciation of materials to creative renovation and remodelling. Project management was the natural product of being the man on site with all the ideas and the inside line on how to achieve them at the best possible cost. He has a lengthy list of homes successfully created in France, London and Bath which all stand as testament to his affinity with living spaces and his vision of what is possible.

Ruby has the intimate knowledge of Bath that can only come from having been born and bred here. She studied fine art which informs her intuitive sense of the drama of a space, the sightlines, the light and shade and the essential fit with each client’s individual taste. For 19 years Ruby has been a partner in a marketplace website in the architectural salvage and reclaimed materials sector, developing and managing the market’s leading architectural antiques trade event.

These years of experience have provided a fruitful and fertile foundation for Hazael Homes.

The combination of ingrained organizational discipline born of experience, the wealth of contacts built over the years and the vision of genuinely creative people focused on how their clients want to live, makes “what’s possible?" a very much broader conversation. And a thoroughly enjoyable one too.


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